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My Best Friends

What is best friend?
Based on Thesaurus Dictionary best friend means the one friend that is closest to you.

They are the best ever friend I ever have.
They are good listener,they always listen to me whenever I have a problems.
They always be my shoulder to cry on whenever I sad.

My Best Friends


Wani - She's the one who accompanied me to the Gopeng Clinic


Wani Kelate,Faiz,Deena and Amirah(who took this pictures)

My Friends

My lovely classmates A3 Emily Dickinson - During our 1st gathering last sem
My Dearest Classmate during in KMPk - A4T13

Unforgettable Memory


One of  Unforgetable Memory in my life is when I was offered to undergo Accounting Program in Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng,Perak. Firstly,I was very shock when I get to know that I get this offer although it was 2nd intake. I'm not interested to accept this offer because the registration session start tomorrow morning but my parents persuade me to accept this offer as it is a golden opportunity to get into Matrikulasi.

 I had to agreed and decide to go although I'm not willing to go. Then suddenly I remembered that my best friend,Atikah study at there so I call her and talk to her and she try to calm me and encourage me to come and study there.

So,that night  we went to The Store located at Taiping town to buy my stuff to be brought at there. Among the things that we buys are a pair of leather shoes,a blanket,zippered mattress, 1 pieces of T-shirts and 2 pieces of track bottom consist of brown and grey colour. The next day,we went to the bank to open an account under my name so that I can get my allowance soon as I been there.


After finish manage all those things,we leave by 12.30 in the noon and stop by at the eatery and have a lunch before we continue our journey back.

After about 1hour and half we arrive at Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng,Perak and at that time I felt so nervous to come into such a new and strange place for me after 3 month leaving my secondary school.

After finish with those registration session and moving things into my new room,I greet with my parents and send them back home. I met with my new roomate Huh Kiam Chinese girl from Johor and then about 45minutes later my 2nd roomate Samihah a malay girl from Bagan Serai,Perak come into our room  Then,Iwent upstairs and meet with my bestfriend at 3rd floor I her room,her roomate also warmly welcome me.

The next day all the 2nd intake students went to the Dewan Seri Kinta to listen a short brief about these student enrolment 2nd intake (DSK) and we start our class tomorrow morning.

Residential College of Seri Teja - hostel where I live in 
So,my life as a matric student starts from this day. I attend the lecture at lecture hall in the morning,attend a tutor class in the evening,make a discussion or study group at night in tutor class, doing an assignment until late at night,have a meal at cafe,make a friends,hangout with friends,have a puppy love and take a walk around the college during my leisure time. I also have an oppurtunity to experience fasting in the Gopeng's Matrics a few days before I leave and move into Kirkby International College.
I used to go here to photostat my notes and print my assignment

Anjung Siswa- place where we used to loitering around and buy stuff like books or food

Kedai Siswa - Place where  I shop things like food or stationery
Cafe - I used to have my meal at here

Pekan Siswa - I used to buy lipbalm at here. I t sell things like T-shirts,keychain and gift.

Tutor Room - Place where we have a tutor class and have study group at night

Masjid Al-Maghfirah - Place where I used to break fast and having iftar with my friends(3-4people eat in a tray )

Library - I used to do a study group and group work at here.

Terminal Siswa - I used to buy bus ticket at here to go back hometown

Field - When we have an activity or big event like 1pelajar 1sukan 1malaysia we go to this field to do the activity  

There' one day when I have a gastric because not properly take a meal last night. So,I was accompanied by my friends and we were take by van drive by Uncle Mail to the Gopeng Clinics and I'm not attending any classes that day.

Althougth I spend  only 2 months in this college,it gives me a lot of memory. It's so memorabilia and I'm always hope that I can comeback and have a visit towards this place.